Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A caring mother is a Prepclass mother! Educate your child properly! Invest smartly!

By now if you have never heard of Prepclass, then it is obvious that you are very new to LIB. In which case allow me introduce you to Prepclass – a platform that allows parents like yourself easily hire trained and qualified hometutors to teach your child at your home with guaranteed increase in  learning outcomes. Continue reading to see the improved learning outcomes of Prepclass kids……….

We have preached and convinced several LIB readers here on the advantages of getting a home tutor and we felt it’s time we start talking to you guys about the learning outcomes of the over 600 exclusive happy LIB readers that have worked with us.

Since inception, we have worked with over 600 clients asking us to provide tutors for the following classes specifically

  1.  Mathematics: Currently, over 320 parents have registered for our exclusive math’s gurus dedicated strictly to take kids with difficulty in mathematics. Out of these 320, over 290 of them have increased by 60% in their academic school results

  2. Learning Disabilities: About 40 special kids with different learning disabilities are now able to cope better in class.

  3. Kids with Poor Performance in School: We have specifically helped over 30 students that were made to repeat classes in school get better and come out tops.

  4. Other core areas we have positively impacted include Adult learning, international and national exams like IGCSE, JAMB, POSTJAMB, WAEC,GCE, Languages.

Our Challenge:

  1. Sometimes because the parents are eager to see results, they are not patient enough with us and some parents are not even interested in listening to some of the recommendations that we might have for them in terms of teaching/discipline approach (some parents are just too harsh!)

Guess what?  If You Stay in Lagos, Abuja, Portharcout You can become a proud Prepclass Mother too

It’s very simple. You too can “test out” our solution and see if it’s worth it. So far you are patient enough to listen to our recommendations and willing to pay on time, we can guarantee you that we would connect you with the best home tutor to teach your kids any subject and skill. Even if you are not satisfied with your 1st tutor, we would replace him/her for you at no extra cost.

What are you waiting for? Call 012913970 or 08059811502. Fill this form by clicking here and you would be immediately connected to a client relationship manager.

You can also visit our headquarter on the 3rd Floor, 315 Herbert Macualay Yaba Lagos or our Abuja office at Ventures Platform, No 29, Mambillia Street, Aso Drive after SSS Headquarters Abuja.

Some Doubting Thomases would wonder where these requests are coming from and how we are able to provide so much value for our clients.

Feel free to look at the Infograph below:

Please note that we work primarily with teachers (very experienced ones).

Just in case you have not seen our video on the importance of customized learning solutions we provide for every child, watch below!

A caring mother is a Prepclass mother! Educate your child properly! Invest smartly!
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